DISHES provides a range of services as the other international food service design consultants. However, the type of services may be the same,
but that is where the similarity stops.

DISHES lives up to its Mission Statement in all respects, we are no only truly professional, but we really listen to our clients and operators and address their needs, while at the same time ensuring the designs we produce are fit for their purpose. We clearly are the best there is.

Our design services are fully independent of any manufacturer or equipment
supplier / contractor.Some of DiSHES Services are listed below:

Full Food Service Design

consisting of
  • Assist with F&B concepts
  • Area planning
  • Schematic designs
  • 3D presentations as required
  • Full design development
  • Every aspect of the tender phases
  • Installation checks
  • Commissioning and handover 

Full Laundry Design Service

consisting of all the same as above excepts the first item.